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A Licensed and Insured
Virginia Class “A” Builder

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A Licensed and Insured
Virginia Class “A” Builder

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CALL (757) 500-2500

Roofing Contractor

Kyro Builders has a specialized team of roofing specialists offering a wide range of roofing options for both residential and commercial roofing installations.

Kyro Builders provide installation the most popular roofing manufacturers, including GAF, Atlas and Versico.



GAF Lifetime Roofing System includes everything you need to provide reliable, watertight protection for your home

atlasAtlas Roofing Corporation is an innovative, customer-oriented manufacturer of residential and commercial building materials.


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Roof Replacement

So You Need to Reroof Your Home?

Maybe you’re not quite sure where to start? Or maybe you have re-roofed your home before.

Your decision to reroof your home may have been the result of seeing a neighbor reroof his or her home. Or maybe you’ve been experiencing some roofing problems which can no longer be ignored. Then again, maybe you’ve decided just to give your home a facelift and a new roof would really enhance the look.

Whatever the reason, you don’t want to make any costly mistakes! The Kyro Builders team is here to help.

Roof Repair

Have you experienced damage to your roof from a storm or normal wear and tear? We offer emergency roof repair services to our customers including tarping services and insurance assistance.

Many homeowners suffer through leaks in their roof on rainy days by putting out pots and pans to gather the water. We’ve found the reason for this is because they believe they need a new roof and they just don’t have the money.

A new roof is not always what a leaking roof might need. It may just be a simple repair and we are the Chesapeake roof repair company that you need for the job

Ignoring a leaky roof is a lot like delaying repairs on your car or avoiding the dentist, it can lead to more problems later on and can be more expensive to fix. Fix your small problem before it becomes a big problem.

Roof Maintenance & Inspections

We recommend annual inspections (as a minimum) for every roof system. Far too often, the cause of a roof failure is the absence of proper maintenance and inspection.

Something that starts out small and very repairable when left unchecked, can turn into a very major roof problem.

Periodic visual roof inspections (especially after storms) and routine maintenance to deficient conditions can increase the long-term service life of any roof assembly.

To perform an annual inspection, our qualified roof inspectors walk over the entire roof area looking for and photographing all observed deficiencies.

These observations are then noted on an inspection form along with recommended maintenance procedures to the cited deficiencies.

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